• Auto Repair Services $40.00

Wheels starting to look old? Want a new look for your car? Customizing your wheels is a great way to bring new life to your car! I offer affordable prices so you can get the look you've always wanted but won't have to pay the expensive prices of big name shops! I can do just about any color you desire in paint, but the plasti-dip service has a limited number of colors! Which service is right for you?

Plasti-Dip is a rubber coating, offered in various matte colors. While offering the benefit of giving your car that custom look, it also has the benefit of being completely removable! Just peel it off when you no longer want it. Not only does it offer the great customized look, but it also offers great protection for your wheels from the harsh road salt and winter months. I can also plasti-dip accent pieces such as emblems on your car. 4 wheels typically takes 1 day to complete.

With the Paint service, while it is not removable like plasti-dip, it offers a great, high-quality flat or gloss look to your wheels, in a large number of colors! It is very durable and will leave a smile on your face for years! I go through a 5-step process to ensure you get the best quality! 4 wheels typically takes 1-2 days

Prices start at $40/wheel, $45/wheel for larger wheels(19inches+)
Top it off with a tire shine for $10!

Please call Mark if you would like to set up an appointment! I work Friday-Sunday and in most cases if you drop them off on or before Friday, you'll have them back looking better than ever by the end of the weekend!