Green Grounds Keeper team! Cuts start at 20 bucks!!!

  • Lawn Care $20.00

When lawn care comes in contact with alternative energy you have us! We offer basic mowing and edging services cleaner and cheaper than the other guys. Providing you an affordable service due to cutting out gas and motor up keep from our mowers and edgers saves you some green!

Grand Open price of $20.00 per mow with edging included for a limited time. Additional lots or corner yards may require an extra fee. Just call and our team will setup the best time and day that works for you. Same day service may be available!

Do you need the front and back or just the front?
Do you have a double lot or corner house?
Would you like it bagged or mulched?
"If bagged" Do you need the bags taken with us?
Is your grass taller than 6 inches?

Back and Front Mow $20.00
Extra Lot $10.00
Edging $10.00
Over a foot $20.00
Disposal $5.00

Thank you for your service,
Green Grounds Keeper team!