Divorce help by retired attorney, very reasonable fees

  • Divorce Lawyers $95.00

If you need assistance with any kind of divorce case, family law case, or anything related, I can help you and you won't spend more than about $95 to $115 per hour, often less. I provide assistance by telephone, email, fax, and regular mail, for a large discount off my usual rate of $350.00 per hour. You will also get a free brief consultation before you ever decide to hire me.

I am not offering representation in court but I can give you advice and help with all your paperwork, preparing for court, representing yourself, even legal research and preparation of any kind of family court paperwork you need done. I have all the forms available on my computer and I do the work efficiently, quickly, and with my 20 years experience in California courts, I can guide you to the best path to move your case along.

Give me a call 7 days a week. I help clients all over California. Get in touch and let's see how I can help you.

Ernest A. Cardona
Attorney at Law