• Pet Daycare & Boarding

Boston Dog Company is proud to present:
The Largest Boarding Accommodation 1,200-1,800 sq ft for each dog that boards.

The Boston Dog Company offers a unique home-style dog boarding service.

Each dog will board in a our certified pet sitter's home.

Our pet sitter will only care for only 1 dog at a time. This means your dog will truly receive one-on-one attention and a true HOME-AWAY-FROM-HOME EXPERIENCE.

Unlike a dog kennel or even a 'PET RESORT" your dog will receive one-on-one attention. In a kennel environment your dog may stay up the entire night anxious as they are in a loud environment listening to other dogs in the kennel barking all night.

Even at a pet resort your dog will be in a small room. Even our pet sitter with the smallest home has 1,200 sq ft which is equivalent to 10 pet suites at a pet resort.

Don't settle for less. Give your dog the true home-away-from-home experience at Boston Dog.