• Pet Sitting & Walking

Hi my name is Abby and I am offering dog walking services in the Williamsburg and surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods (and certain parts of Lower Manhattan). In addition to dog walking, I can dog sit, feed, medicate, teach basic commands, or just give your dog some love and attention while they await your return! I have worked professionally with dogs for the last 3 years in a variety of settings. My two biggest passions are dogs and exercise, and I'm capable of exercising your dog in some fun ways such as runs, jogs, or even a longboarding session if your dog is into that! I own a cane corso, and have worked extensively with a number of different large breeds and challenging temperaments (including rescue organizations) so I am open to any and all dogs. I have a long list of references as well as a resume available upon request. My rates are very affordable, and start as low as $15 for a standard 30-45 minute private walk. Please call me for more information or to get something on my schedule. I look forward to hearing from you! P.S.- Expect great action shots of your tired, happy dog during the walk! You can never have enough in my opinion :)