Don't get stuck in the cold! Get a remote start from 149.99 installed

  • Auto Repair Services $150.00

We offer Remote car starters with lifetime warranties
We have well over 12 years experience in car audio and electronics.
We also offer mobile service. (Depending on weather)

We also install your units or ones you purchased from places like the Internet or Walmart.
The base price is 75.00 + Anti-theft Module. Call us for exact price.

Basic remote starts with one button remotes that only start the car start at 149.99 (this does not include bypass module which is needed on most cars newer than 98)

Car starters are 249.99 for just about any car. This includes all features like keyless entry and trunk release(as long as vehicle is equipped)Message us for exact price.
(There is only a handful of cars that don't fall in this price range)
Remote starters with 2-way LCD also available starting at 374.99 For just about any car.