Drone Photo / Video - FAA Certified (333 Exempt) - Ground To Sky

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FAA 333 Exempt / Certified for:
Bridge Inspections.
Flare stack inspection.
Utility-power generation system inspections and patrolling.
Aerial inspection.
Photography and videography of utility infrastructure including but not limited to electrical power lines, wind turbines and cell towers, pipeline inspection and patrolling.
Construction site inspection and monitoring.

Photography and videography of residential and commercial real estate, weddings, filmmaking, cinematography, and videography, precision agriculture with on board sensors, wildlife and forestry monitoring and mosquito and insect control, aerial surveying, aerial imaging for safety, monitoring and comparing work efforts and completion percentages, and security of controlled environment of various sites.

Aerial video and live video feed to assist with search and rescue operations under the authority and support of local authority officials, aerial video and photography for public and private use including television, public events, and cinematography live feed and live newsgathering, special events: including high schools. colleges, professional sports, open air events and fairs, research, risk management and assessment, motion picture production, surface mining, closed set filming, public entity support operations disaster and catastrophe events and training to persons individually or belonging to both private and public organizations to increase awareness and improve safety for current and future UAS operations within the NAS.