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Quality First Dryer Vent System Cleaning

Is it taking longer than usual to dry your clothes?
Do your clothes still feel damp and hot even after an extended drying cycle?
Have you had to replace the heating element or thermostat in your dryer?
Have you replaced your dryer because it stopped getting hot?
Are you noticing a lot of lint behind and under your dryer?
Not only is this costly with increased power bills and dryer repair bills but it could lead to a fire in your home! If this is your case call me for a quote to clean your dryer vent system.

Our service includes cleaning out not only the duct work through the walls, but also a thorough cleaning of the inside of your dryer itself. Its recommended to have your vent cleaned at least every two years, however depending on use it may need cleaning more frequently.

Quality First Dryer Vent Cleaning, LLC (Licensed and insured.)
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