• Car Wash $25.00

Looking for space age, quick, eco-friendly and just simply clean car washing and auto care? Then you have came in contact with the right people. We, at Platinum Elite Auto Spa offer eco friendly detailing by using our own formula to wash , wax, and for an extra charge , even seal the paint on your vehicle.

Don't be afraid to try new things. . many are intimidated at the thought of washing without a "pressure washer" or a hose and bucket .. But who ever wrote that as the BEST way to wash ..? NO ONE.

We come to your job , clean your car while you eat , at your home , anything. Our simplicity allows us to be FULLY mobile yet just as efficient if not more than your current detailer because we don't need your water source , we won't leave ponds in your parking lot , and the whole wash is without machinery so it is most definitely quiet.

You ask ... Why would I want to pay you to come simply spray and wipe my vehicle down ? I assure you it's far more complex.. The nano polymers in our compound are far more advanced than the other products on the market.. Special lubricants in our compound liquefy and dissolve dirt on contact. The damp, product soaked microfiber towel will clean the surface and soak up the liquefied dirt. Our high quality microfiber towels then pull the dirt away from the surface and protect it from scratching. The second microfiber towel is used to buff off the remaining polymer residue and into a brilliant shine. There are no wax smearing on windows and no residue on rubber trim.

I have used this product on everything from chevys in Tennessee to Maseratis in Buckhead Atlanta neighborhoods and places such as South Beach.. And It is simply amazing.

The old fashioned way of washing is out the door !...

But we DO do traditional washing upon request as well as steam cleaning.
Yes, including sofas, couches, interiors.

Smoked tail lights :
Headlight restoration:
Contact for pricing. Depending on condition and detail.
We do engine bay cleanup as well for 20$ plus travel !!!

Paint seal + $45 (protects your vehicle from summer and winter elements and things such as salt and road grime and well as dust and debri, most importantly leaving a brilliant , literally glasslike feel and shine.

HID installs:

Plastidip/paint wheels:

Contact for full vehicle plastidipping.