Electrical 101 - Solution at it's best

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Got an electrical issue, project or what have you? This is your lucky day cause you have found my add - no kidding. Most customers stick with my service for a long time because of how i take care of business.
My name is Eugene, an owner and operator of Dynasty Electric - a small (1 to 2 man crew)service company. At tough times like this i, like no other, understand saving money concept.
So if you give me a chance to compete for your business you will have :
1. Free estimate (if it's a project you are planing to do).
2. No charge for anything unless we have agreed upon something.
3. Licensed, Bonded electrician will do the work at low price you can afford.
4. Warranty : 1 year on all material , life time on workmanship (can't beat that).
5. A lot of references upon request

We install Electric Car Charges (any voltage and amperage) and "Time of Use" meters for them. Call us for a free estimate.