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Are you facing a Contested Custody Proceeding or Divorce? Perhaps its only a possibility. Or there is hope that you and your spouse (or ex) can work through these issues out of court. Whatever the level of contention or harmony it is always wise to know your legal position. Whether you need full representation in court, a guiding hand in negotiating an agreement, or just a little advice to get you moving in the right direction, our law office can help you on your path.

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We handle family law matters throughout Los Angeles and Orange County, including,
-Divorce, Separation and Paternity
-Child Custody, Visitation and Child Support
-Property Division
-Spousal Support (Alimony)
-Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
-Post-Judgment Modifications to Custody, Visitation, and Support
-Ex Parte Emergency Hearings

Speak directly with an attorney. We'll start on the phone with a normal conversation where you tell me your story. I'll ask and answer questions. We'll talk about important issues and begin developing a plan that makes sense to you.