FIREWOOD deliverered or pickup - $75 1/4 cord

  • Tree Services $75.00

Hardwood Oak, This wood is in great condition, and from this years tree trimming (not 5 year old cardboard)
We can process to your specs or standard splits
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$75 1/4 cord
150 1/2 cord
275 full cord
Select premium Pure" Live Oak" $200 1/2 cord
Select premium Pure "Hickory" $200 1/2 cord
We also have discounted odds and end pieces, negotiable

14 gauge 2"steel, welded, heavy duty: 1/2 and 1/4 cord firewood racks available (made in Garland USA) Built to last 1/2 cord rack $150, 1/4 cord rack $100- 15% discount with firewood purchase see picture

Free local Delivery, stacked or come by and pick up,
Very select premium woods available
Whiskey Hickory, Pecan for cooking, grilling

We will throw in a bundle of our, incense "Aromatic Pinion", with $150 purchase (Excellent seasonal scent).