• Demolition Services

Property flooded? We are here to help!!! Experienced team, $2.00 A Sq. Ft.!!!
If you need drywall removed or any demolition services we can also do that! Not only do we have the manpower, but also the right equipment to always get the job done safely and efficiently.

We Want To Take This Time To Offer Our Prayers To All Families Affected By The Catastrophic Flooding In East Baton Rouge, Livingston And Ascension Parishes And Beyond.We Do Understand The Emotional Turmoil That You Are Experiencing As We Also Went Through Katrina.

What To Expect: We Cut The Power and Gas To Assure All Safety.
1) We Can Pressure Clean The Mud And Get It To Be A Safer Environment.
3) We Remove The Floor Boards, Remove The Ruined Sheetrock And Place It Accordingly Outside For Pickup.

We are willing to get it done in one day if possible so you can move forward with your life.