Former Cooper Union Prof -Tutor for Math/Physics/Finance

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Former Cooper Union Prof-Tutor for Math/Physics/Finance

I've taught for over 20 years at The Cooper Union. I've taught most undergraduate math and physics courses such as calculus, linear algebra differential equations, probability,statistics,digital signal processing,financial engineering(Ito calculus,options theory,bond analytics,duration,convexity,stochastics and time series analysis,numerical solutions to PDE's,credit and weather derivatives), general physics, mechanics, E&M, modern physics, optics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics and general relativity.

I've also tutored these subjects on a one on one basis.
I've also worked for test prep such as Princeton Review and Kaplan where I taught SAT/SATII/GRE/GMAT/AP's and Regents.
I've also contoured courses for individual students.

My students over the years have ranged from graduate students to 7th grade.
Please call me if you need more info. I'm clear,very patient and my schedule is flexible.