FREE 2016 Calendar - Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys. Akhavan Law Firm

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2016 is right around the corner and The Akhavan Law Firm is having their yearly Calendar giveaway. Calendar's are magnetic and will be mailed out within 7-10 days. Limited Supplies!

The Akhavan Law Firm only handles injury cases so we can be focused on what we do best. To help our injured clients get the maximum recovery for what they've gone through.

Not only does our firm strive to achieve the compensation our clients deserve, we also believe our clients are entitled to the best medical treatment available. Our firm understands that not all individuals have access to the medical treatment they require. That is why our firm is well connected with dozens of medical providers willing to treat our clients and help them recover from their injuries. We are committed in protecting and aggressively pursuing our client's rights.

For your initial consultation contact: Edwin E. Akhavan, Esq. at | 1875 Century Park East, Los Angeles, CA 90067 (main office).