• Nutritionist

Bodies with Confidence provides nutritional and physical consultation. We will review your current diet and trim the fat out of it; figure out what small changes can be made to make it healthier. That same trainer will proceed to coach you and train you as you exercise.

We do WEIGHTLESS EXERCISES that last about 15 - 20 min and allow you the freedom of working out whenever and wherever. The goal of BWC is to provide a space where, without judgement, people can talk to a trainer about their fitness goals while having someone assist them meet that goal by providing a tailored, realistic diet and personal training. Bodies With Confidence will meet you at your local park or cafe (depending on what the outlook of the session is).

What will be covered in the 30 min consultation: - Fitness goals - Diet - Workout Intensity - Body type After the 30 min consultation, BWC charges $35/HR for consultation sessions. What is included in the hour sessions: - Nutrition Coaching (updates and readjusting nutrition plan if necessary) - Personal Training/Consultation (developing a workout plan, discussing which workouts work for you and which do not, BWC trainer meets with you to help you work out and also works out with you as a means of motivation)

Appointments: Mon - Thurs: 6pm - 11pm Friday: 6pm - 12a Saturday: 8am - 12a Sunday: 8 am - 11pm