• Auto Repair Services

I'm Evan, I have been performing minor BMW repairs/ upgrades for almost 2 years now and I feel confident I may be able to save you a trip to the dealership or repair shop.

I will perform a free visual inspection of components, free reading of your on board computer error codes and check engine codes with an OBD reader.

Error codes are NEVER reset, if the code is gone the error has been corrected and fixed.
If you already know of issues we can skip the first step and move right into a repair estimate.

If I find something in need of repairing I will find a replacement part and give you a cost estimate ONLY if I am able to preform the repair myself. If I find something I can't repair (usually oil leaks) I will recommend taking it in to be looked at by a dealership or repair shop.

Every repair/upgrade I have preformed has been successful.
Pictures above are jobs I have done

Here is a full list:
Brake sensor
Air filters
Bulb replacement/upgrades tail light/headlight/fog lights/ halo daytime running lights
Oil changes
Headlight washer pump replacement
Spark plugs
Fuel injectors
Wiring issues
Radio issues
Cup holders
Front grills
Wheel set swapping (summer wheels to winter wheels)
Seat replacement

All replacement parts I purchase are genuine BMW parts used or new, I search online for the lowest prices and can return anything that isn't used. If for some reason I cannot fix an issues you will not be charged a thing!

I don't charge hourly
I charge per job, usually priced based on difficulty plus cost of parts.
I am available on weekends anytime, and weekdays after 6pm

Give me a call with your name and the issue you're experiencing.
I look forward to helping you!