• Hair Salon $100.00 Fixed

WE HAVE A NEW CUSTOMER PROMOTION !!!! Get a free hairstyle by picking the right ticket from our discount bucket! You still get a discount for each ticket you pick. Get your dream hair style ( adults and kids) at very reasonable prices. We can come to you at no extra charge or you can come to us, whichever option is more convenient for you. We are highly skilled and experienced hair stylists with more than 10 years of combined experience.

We offer the following hair styles: - Senegalese Twist - starting at $120 - Box/individual braids - starting at $120 - Faux locks - starting at $150 - Yarn braids/twists - starting at $130 - Havana twists - starting at $100 - Jumbo braids - starting at $100 - Micro braids - starting at $200 - Crochet Braids- starting at $120 - kinky twist - starting at $150 - Touch up - varies.

We request that you wash and dry your hair prior to your appointment.