Getting Married? Wedding Officiant, Reverend $80

  • Event Planning $80.00

Hello there! Thanks for checking out this listing. So, looking to get married? My name is Rev. Mark Dickey, I am an Christian Ordained Minister, and have been since 2011.

I provide the basic wedding service, generally in the South Bay Area for $80.00 or $100.00 if you are Outside the South Bay (Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes etc.)
$80.00- If you are in the Redondo Beach/Torrance/South Bay Area
$100.00- plus mileage 25 per mile Round trip (Via Mapquest) up to 80 miles ea. way.
$250.00 per day- If flight is involved within the United States- With paid round trip Airfare, and accommodations.

Basic Service, Signing of Valid Wedding License (90 days from date of Application)- with at least one witness, Officiant of ceremony if so declared is included in price. Can be done in a desecrate atmosphere. Service is based around your itinerary, but most of all your personality.

I prefer to talk to you by phone or email, and if possible to see a picture of you and your significant other. It makes it more humble. I like to interview the happy couple. Just to make sure this is the right feel for you. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, it is nothing to step into lightly.

Thanks and have Blessed day,
Rev. Mark Dickey
Be kind to others and you shall be rewarded in the kindness of love.