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Goode's Custom Garage and Automotive Detailing
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Prices are subject to change upon inspection of car and the severity of work!

Basic Packages:
- Hand wash with wax additive and dry
- Wash and wax special
- Complete paint decontamination including wash, wax and seal
- Quick interior detail, clean all plastics, vacuum, clean windows and shine all plastics
Deluxe Packages:
- 1 Step Paint Correction: This process is mostly applicable on a car that is new, has been maintained carefully, or for a car enthusiast with a garage queen. This mild process removes very minor paint imperfections and scratches, while restoring a good amount of clarity and gloss to the finish.
- Multiple Step Paint Correction: Recommended for the majority of vehicles on the road. The multiple phase paint correction process addresses moderate to heavy paint imperfections such as spider web swirl marks (from improper wash techniques), light bird etchings, hard water spots, and most scratches for daily wear and tear. The number of phases required for a full paint correction is entirely dependent on the number and level of defects on the vehicle's surface.
- Deluxe Interior Detail:
Interior, Rear deck, and trunk vacuum
Interior wipe down & UV protected (Leather: Cleaned & Conditioned -- as needed)
Center console deep clean
Vehicle windows cleaned to optical clarity (Inside & Out)
Vents cleaned & deodorized
Headliner spot removal
Air freshener
Carpet/Upholstery hot water extracted
Scotch guard all carpeted areas and upholstery
ATTENTION: Some Interior Services may require slight upcharges depending on vehicle size, soil levels, odors, undisclosed damages, spot touch ups, etc.

- Coatings: Coatings last for an average of three years. Protective Paint Coatings are most easily explained as a ceramic, resin or glass-like top protective layers very similar in theory to factory type clear coats. A layer measures approx. 9 microns in thickness, or about 100 times thicker than your typical wax or sealant. These layers make up a hard bonded top coat which is formulated to lock in beauty of the paint below it while providing an environmental shield with increased water sheeting and dust resistant properties. In short, when your car is finished with a protective paint coating it adds additional layers of clear coat that are far more resistant to scratching, chemical etching, contamination, and water than factory clear coats and paint protection sealants. All this protection while improving the appearance of your vehicle as well!
Talk about easy mode! Once your paint is coated and waxed, dirt, tar, road grime, and other environmental contaminants wash off like butter. You'll have a smile on your face after every wash. In fact, protective paint coatings are so impressive that even when your car has a week full of dust on it, it will still out shine most cars on the road!

- Monthly, Quarterly Maintenance is also provided: Goode's Custom Garage highly recommends monthly or quarterly Maintenance Services after the initial paint correction services are performed. We want to ensure that the vehicle is protected properly and the happiness following a freshly detailed car is maintained indefinitely.
- Full package detail with 1 paint correction: Cars starting at $190 Trucks and SUV's $245
of Newly Painted Vehicles $50/HR