• Pool Cleaners

We are Certified Pool and Spa Operaters, (CPO). Members and, certified by the, National Swimming Pool foundation. We do free safety inspections,because you and your childrens safety are our top priority. We also do chemical balancing,and swimming pool and spa cleaning.

Keeping a pool up to par can be a daunting task and its constant. Your pool must be shocked on a regular basis to release the bad chloramines. Chloramines are derivatives of ammonia by substitution of one,two or three hydrogen atoms with chlorine. Shocking your pool releases these gases from your pool water into the air. It's like resetting the your pool to the beginning because the bad stuff is all gone now.

We can do a one time cleaning,or get you on a weekly pool maintenance service schedule. Or just once a month,but its better to do a weekly service so the chemicals stay balanced. Trust me, It will cost you more that way. less for weekly services. Remember this, your pool will tell on you if its not treated right.

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