Guests arriving ?... Is your COUNTER TOP dingy?! Call Bathtub Rescue!

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Wondering what to do with that dingy, gross, counter-top?

Save on the high cost of replacing, and have a new counter-top in a day!
Great way to update your kitchen or bath, fast!
We re-coat and recolor old, stained, burned, and damaged counter tops.
If your Formica or Tile counters in the kitchen and bathroom are stained and worn looking, or just the wrong color, we can make them look new, with our specialty solid colors and stone-like coatings.
This is a very economical, cost saving way of making your counter tops looking new, without tearing out the old.
Great for updating your home to sell or rent too!

We have been re-coating counter tops and bathtubs for over 25 years.
All work is guaranteed.

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