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Have a heart for music, but want to play for real? To be able to express your passion on an instrument is an awesome feeling. With lessons you can learn more, be able to focus, and really start learning your favorite songs.

From a home studio in Gresham, Oregon, near 165th and Burnside, the first lesson is free and we can figure out a plan related to what your interests and goals are. After that I teach on a month to month basis.

Beginner: When learning a new instrument things are slow to process. Don't expect perfection the first day, just take it step by step. Stick with it and you'll be fine! Learn the basic chords and strumming, then learn your favorite songs, which makes learning more fun.

Intermediate to advanced: Ever wonder how the pros get those rich open chords or interesting voicing up the neck? The techniques are actually not that hard, they just rarely show them in the books. I'll teach you open chord technique which will transform your acoustic playing and songwriting.

First lesson is FREE.
Call me to set up your first free lesson.