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My hair styles I do are
Sewin's $65
Havana Twist
adult $90
Kids 75
Kinky twist
kids $75
kinky braids
adults $85
kids $75
Senegalese/micro twist
kids $75
Adults $85
Kids $75
single braids
adults $85
kids $75
Dread extensions $85 (with yarn and synthetic hair)
mirco's around the crown with sewin in the back $75
natural hair braiding $30
kids french braids $25
quick weave $35
invisible parts glue or sewed in $35 to $65
invisible ponytails glue or sewed in $25- $35
relaxer and flat iron $35
shampoo and hot oil treatment and flat iron $30
Bobs $35
adults $85
kids $75
Touch up's for mircos Senegalese ,kinky braids etc...$45 etc.

Contact me, Sharmaine. I`ll come to you a traveling fee required