Handyman Services Now. Electrical related, Plumbing repair, Woodworkin

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Handyman Services Now. Electrical, Plumbing repair, Woodworking

We've dealt with each client like they were a member of our family. Many other service providers can provide related services, however, our professional services come along with a personal touch.

Our company offer a variety of services involving, but not limited to:

Heating systems & Airconditioning Troubleshooting Service
Furnaces natural gas, electric, propane, oil
Gas Pipes
Heat Pump
Ductless Mini Split
Freon Recharging
High Performance Equipment
Refrigerant leak maintenance and repair

Handy Man services
Leaking Faucent
Leaking Toilet
Leaking Sink
Dry Wall repair
Clothing dryer Outlets
Microwave Circuits
Thermostat Replacement

Basic Interior Services
Change out tough to access light bulbs
Set up brand new fixtures (ceiling fans and chandeliers).
Place dedicated circuits.
Remove and replace sinks.
Fire detector.
Electrical Panel Modification.
Service Upgrade.
Re Pipe all the plumbing system inside you're property.
Remove and replace the galvanized pipe with wirsbo.
Switch out ceiling tiles.
Remove and replace or restore baseboards.
Replace/repair linoleum flooring.
Complete basements.
Replace/repair ruined tile.
Mount ceramic tile on floors and walls.
Assemble customized wall units and shelving.
Hang pictures, clocks, and plants.
Patch drywall with perfect texture and paint match.
Interior painting.
Mount kitchen area countertops.
Switch out heating and a/c filters.
Hang curtains and mount curtain rods.
Repaint windows and doors.

Yard Work.
Trucking Scrap.
Debris Trucking and removal.
Gutter Clean up.
Fence Construction.
Shed Construction.

Precaution Repair and maintenance.
Switch out Filters (Furnace, Water, Ice, and Humidifier).
Take a look at and Maintain (Gutter systems, Window Wells, Refrigerator Coils, AIR CONDITIONING.
Coils, Water Heater, and Dryer Ventilation).
Seasonal Changeover (Storm/Screen Doors and Windows, Humidifier,.
and Outside Water Faucets).
Check and Assess (Smoke Detectors, Carbon.
Monoxide Detectors, Sump Pumps, Ejector Pumps, and Faucets).
Lubricant and Regulate (Sliding Glass, French, Storm, Interior, Exterior, and.
Garage Doors, and their compoienents).
Change out (Batteries in Smoke Detectors and Thermostats, Light Bulbs).

Outlet and/or Outlet Covers.
Fireplace Hearth Covers.
Railings and Banisters.
Door and Cabinet locks.
Safety Gates.
Corner pads.
Blind cords.

Some Assembly Required.
Ikea cabinets.
Outdoor storage shed.
Shelving units.

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