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Find yourself in a fix? I can help!
Electrical, Plumbing, All Service Tradesman

I have over 20+ years experience in a wide variety of home and commercial repairs as well as the best price in town. I take pride in doing the very best job to satisfy you and assist you with any household problems you may be having. Below is just a few examples that I can help you with, but is not limited to those alone. I encourage you to contact me with any questions on repairs or home maintenance you may have, I am a jack of all trades and will provide you with the best price in town.

My experience includes:

Solar: I can Check your Photovoltaic system for you.Replace broken Solar panels, EnPhase micro inverters underneath the panels or Replace Any Inverter. Correct any issues you may be having.Troubleshoot shorts. I can also make sure all of the panels are functioning properly.

Electrical: I can Install lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, replace breakers or install a sub panel. Main panel upgrades. Replace wall sockets,GFCI's, AFCI'S or wall switches just about anything.

Plumbing: I can replace Faucets, fix leaking drains,Install a new sinks, Garbage disposals. trouble shoot most appliance issues. Install a new Electric water heater or fix or replace your hose bib to your home.

For any home repair you have, I will come do an initial survey of the issues and discuss with you the time estimate for the job as well as help you make a concise list of parts needed for the job. (Parts must be purchased by you, however I will also find you the best deal on quality products, no expensive markups from me).

Great hourly rate + parts.
Please feel free to contact me by phone between the hours of 7am-8pm
I look forward to being able to assist you with whatever problems you have.
References available upon request.
Thank you,
Dwayne Sanford