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If Your Floors Worth A Buck, You're In Luck! 98% Dustless Sanding

-Have a floor that isn't in too bad of a shape and just needs a new maintenance coat to bring back it's beauty? Here's what we can do, we can decontaminate it by deep cleaning it with our cleaning formula and than buff your floor and apply a new coat or two of polyurethane. This service starts at $0.90 a sq/ft.

-Have a floor that's in rough and tough condition? We can sand down your old ugly floors and refinish to give it a fresh new look. Our price averages from $1.50 and up per sq/ft depending on the flooring, it's condition and the type of finish you choose.

We are affordable, but not the cheapest. If you are looking for the cheapest, you'll get the cheapest polyurethane finishes which will not last long and more than likely.. A lower quality uneven sanding job by un-certified so called "professionals". We have a high quality standard, and we won't go below that.

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