• Virus Removal

Has Mal-Ware taken over your computer system and rendered it unusable?
I have the greatest deal on computer repair in Michigan!

The fastest way to speed up your personal computer, and remove all of the Mal-ware, Ad-Ware, Trojans, Rootkits, and Viruses.... is to back up all of your critical data, and do a clean slate installation of Windows to make everything new again. Once the new system is running and configured, I can transfer your old data back to the clean install of windows.

$60 Service includes:
-Free Hardware diagnostic of Hard Drive, CPU, and RAM
-Backup DATA up to 20GB
-Re-installation and configuration of Windows Operating System.
-Scan your DATA to be certain a virus or malware is not hiding in your documents or downloads.
-Move the DATA (documents, pictures, music, video) over to the new installation of Windows.
-Install Free Anti-Virus protection
-Install Malware Scanning tools
-Install CCleaner
-Install latest Internet browsers
-Install Adobe Reader
And much more!

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