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Hello, my name is Dennis and I am an independent trainer in the San Fernando Valley area. I have 4 years of commercial training experience and 8 years of training experience in the US Army. I am currently an Army Reserve Drill Sergeant.

Whether you're young or older, starting a healthy and active lifestyle can be a daunting undertaking. You may have tried to do it on your own but you are just not sure if what you're doing is right. You do the research but there are so many information outlets that you get overwhelmed and don't know what advice to follow. You may go through periods where you are super committed, following a "cookie cutter" workout you found online, but get discouraged when all the sacrifice yields very little results.

Admittedly, personal trainers, fitness coaches, whatever you choose to call them are not ABSOLUTELY necessary. I know this. That is why I take my job very seriously. You don't need someone to count to ten while you squat. You need someone to provide a CLEAR PURPOSE, EFFECTIVE DIRECTION, and ENTHUSIASTIC MOTIVATION. You need someone to help you transition from a sedentary individual to a more active and healthier person. My job is to TEACH you how to become independent at different levels of physical development. This would normally be counterintuitive to what a fitness trainer does but I believe that is what would make our relationship better. If you keep developing, I need to stay on top of my game and teach you different more advanced techniques right?

If you're interested in:
learning the basics and beyond
breaking plateaus
decreasing body fat
gaining lean muscle
nutricional guidance
strength training
aerobic training

Contact me !
all ages welcomed

What to expect:
Free initial assessment session
Nutritional Guidance
Customized training program with your goals, current abilities, and medical/ fitness history in mind
Educational and motivational support when not in the gym
Training guidance for days that you're not training with me

Dependent on goals and frequency of training. Basically, the more often you train, the cheaper it is.

Group Sessions Available
-In gym, 3 person max
-Outdoors, as many as wanted