HEALTHY BODIES - In Home Fitness Training

  • Personal Trainers $15.00

In Home Fitness Training
Training To Meet Your Busy Lifestyle Needs In The Comfort And Privacy Of Your Home

HEALTHY BODIES brings the gym to you! We know how busy your are. So we will come to your home, office or location of your choice, with all the equipment you will need to get a challenging total-body workout. We will design workouts that will get you on your way to achieving your goals, without you leaving your front door.

We provide the fitness and diet program, the equipment, and the certified personal trainer. If you don't have equipment, no need to worry, we'll supply it all, and stop paying so much for sessions at the gym, our sessions cost as little as $15.00 per session! Our pros will bring the free weights, the ankle weights, resistance tubes, balls and anything else applicable to your program. We will use our experience to provide inspiration, guidance and creativity to make your program not repetition and boring, but fun! No matter what your schedule, we will be there to support you in reaching your fitness goals.

We provide constant support, you are not just a name to us. Anytime you need us, we are just a phone call or text away. We are here to support you in achieving your goals.

As an incentive we are offering for a limited time a special to help you achieve your fitness goals!!

1 Session $40
12 Sessions $30 per session
12 Sessions $20 per session if you and a friend train together
12 Sessions $15 per session if you and two friends train together

Through our special incentive program you can also earned free training sessions.

All our trainers are certified.
All our trainers are CPR/AED certified.
References are available upon request.

If you would prefer to workout at a gym, or mix it up between home and a gym, we have some locations available at no additional cost to you. Additionally in the warmer weather if you would like we can take your session outdoors.