Holistic Personal Training & Wellness Coaching

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What is Holistic Personal Training & Wellness Coaching?

Holistic Personal Training & Wellness Coaching is identifying the big picture of each individuals unique situation and slowly, one step at a time, providing that individual the tools he or she needs to make a forever thriving, health-conscious lifestyle.

Is it for you?
Holistic Personal Training and Wellness Coaching is for anyone that is struggling with:
Chronic or acute health issues
Losing weight and keeping it off
Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Mindful eating and dietary needs
Balancing work and health
Recovering from a orthopedic injury or muscular-skeletal issue
Creating well-balanced meals for at home or on the go

Holistic Personal Training & Wellness Coaching is also for those seeking:
Their best route to optimal health
Functional fitness, full body strength & flexibility
Less restriction of calorie/carbohydrate counting and more intuitive eating
Eating and working-out with the seasons
Creating well-balanced meals, snacks & treats
Simplifying your lifestyle while upgrading your health

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To your health-conscious, thriving lifestyle,

Kendra Solow
CPT & Holistic Wellness Coach