Home Improvement/ Repair Service (Advice/Recommendations)

  • General Contractors

At Area Home Remodeling, we offer any type of repair and complete home remodeling and planning.

Carpentry-Doors/ Windows/Kitchens/Bath Rooms/Finished Basements/Plumbing and Heating/Tile and Grout Repair and sealer/ Lighting and Electrical/
Flooring/Outside-Concrete and Pavers with sealer/All types water proofing and restorations-Roofing-Foundations.

If you are unsure about what is behind your walls and need some answers call us! We can share over 30 years of experience and you can cut expenses in half. We do the job once. Repairs? We do them right and keep it safe and clean. I'm sure you have asked yourself why are so many things breaking down in your home. . ..We can answer that for you and if you like we can also fix it. Call Joe !