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Hello, my name is Steven I am a 30 yr old business major that has been working various forms of construction for the last ten years. I am currently in my third year of operation as owner of a construction/home repair company that serves the southern Illinois area. Before that I spent two years working as an electrician for a local start up that is still going strong and I felt it was time to step out on my own.

I have an interest for homes as it is one the most intimate and lasting things a person purchases in their lifetime, and there is always something to be improved or repaired. However I have found through the years that most companies rather not provide services to residential customers for one reason or another. That is where I would like to fit in and offer the residential customers a company they can turn to for solutions to their home projects. From repairing drywall, finishing a basement to updating your electrical system I have the tools and experience to tackle even the toughest of projects with a guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Give me a call nd get your project started immediately.