HOME TUTOR : Common Core Math, Reading, Writing, Proven Results: $20

  • Private Tutoring $20.00

Many years of experience in NY State Common Core Math & ELA Tests preparation
Effective tutoring at affordable rates:
At our center: $20/hr
At your home: $25/hr
Guideline Learning Center is a professional tutoring services company now in its fifth year of operation. We offer extensive help in preparing for statewide Common Core Math & ELA (Reading, Writing) tests for elementary and middle school students. In the last few years our experienced tutors have helped more than 350 students in achieving success in a wide range of academic subjects and standardized tests.

We offer private 1-on-1 sessions as well as small-group sessions in many locations throughout the city. Both after-school hours and weekend hours are available. No long-term contract needed, only pay as you go.

Through our 'Tutor Reporting System' we closely monitor progress of your child on a daily basis and can give you feedback at anytime. To teach your child we use 100% CommonCore aligned books created and published by a Common Core publishing company whose educational materials have been used by over 25 million students in 42,000 U.S. schools! We use only the current version of each book that contains over 250 pages of lessons, practices, and tests to help your child learn and practice the rigors of Common Core Learning Standards.

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