Honest Heating and Cooling - Furnace, Ductless Air Systems and A/C installation,

  • Air Conditioner Installation $50.00

Honest Heating and Cooling is your premier source for quality insured and warrantied work, all at an affordable price. We offer a full range of services, including, but not limited to; Furnace and A/C installation, Ductless Air Systems, High-Efficiency furnace installs, Boilers, Steam Boilers, and Water heaters.

Our full installs include a high efficiency furnace, condensing unit, and full duct work for your home.
Looking for a new furnace? Perhaps you just need to replace your old A/C unit?
for a very affordable price you can get a new furnace and A/C unit installed into your home by our professionals.

If you find that your home isn't receiving the proper heating it needs, you can have a high efficiency or a standard efficiency furnace installed as well.

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There is a $50 dollar minimum with the free service call if you choose to get a unit fixed.
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