• Party Entertainment

My name is Sapphira Cristal, the reigning Miss Gay New York USofA, former Queen of Boston Pride, and reigning Miss Everything here in Philly. I'm a performance artist and an activist active in the East Coast LGBTQ communities from nightlife to art galleries to the opera stage and charity galas, regularly performing and raising money in NYC, Boston, Connecticut, and Philadelphia.

I'm a versatile and personable performer appropriate for events ranging from family functions to professional events to bachelorette parties and everything in between! No event too big or small! This year I hosted everything from the Dyke Night events for Boston Pride to birthday parties. I bring a positive energy to every event and know a great variety of numbers appropriate for all types of audiences. I'm also a fast learner for special requests! I have DJs on hand so we can assist in all your entertainment needs!

I can come as the fabulous Sapphira Cristal or I do several impersonations, Whitney Houston is my most popular. I also do a great Grace Jones, Donna Summers, Diana Ross, Erykah Badu, Eartha Kitt*, Sarah Vaughan*, Leotyne Price*, and Cab Calloway* (*Live singing).

You can see from the photos provided, I'm very photogenic and happy to take pictures with any guests who request them. And I strongly encourage video of your fabulous times with me! I'm including some videos I have of my performances for you to see my work. See the bottom of this ad.