• Computer Repair

If you are experiencing problems with your computer, or if you have a questions about the services I provide, give me a call.

I can diagnose and resolve any issues with:
Malware (Virus, Trojan, Worms, Spyware, Popups)
Optimize and restore to full speed any slow, unresponsive computer
Resolve instability(applications closing on you, windows crash to bluescreen, or just powers off)
Resolve computer not booting up(windows not loading, infinite loading screen, crash on loading screen, etc).
Computer will not power on at all (or appears to start up but shows black screen, beeps error codes).
Problems with printing.

Can't connect to the internet. Problems with WIFI.
Install new software
Diagnose or upgrade Hardware such as:
Hard Drive or SSD
Any kind of Ad-in-board (Graphics, Sound, Network, RAID, Etc)
Power Supply
Cooling, Etc..

Windows Updates, Driver Updates, Software Updates.
Upgrade your Operating System to Windows 10 $50

As a service-oriented individual I aim to please my customers and to continue to provide excellent service.

I specialize in computer service, computer repair, system setup, monthly maintenance agreements, home network installation.