I LOVE MATH!! Experienced Math teacher offers individual tutoring

  • Private Tutoring $25.00

I am a retired, experienced math teacher, with a Bachelor's degree in Math Education and a Master's degree in Mathematics. I have taught in local private schools and at State College of Florida. I can help you with SAT and ACT prep, as well as preparing you for the state real estate exam (math portion). References available!

What may distinguish me from my competitors is my enthusiasm and love for the subject! Most students complain about the uselessness of math-but I always say, math is a subject that teaches a precise way of thinking: of being presented a problem and then following certain steps to solve this problem.

So it teaches your mind to think logically and precisely. And that is always a good thing.
Are you aware that without Calculus, there would be no CAT scan machine? :)

I will tutor most any math subject from Pre Algebra-Calculus II. I can tutor at your home (for a slightly higher fee), my home or we can meet at the Library and use a study room. LESSONS BY SKYPE ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IF YOU LIKE!

Please contact Diana!
Кates begin at $25/hour (Rate depends on subject matter and whether I drive to your home). Thank you!