IMAGE CONSULTANT - Mobile Hair Stylist For Your Makeover

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RECENTLY DIVORCED? GET A NEW LOOK! Mobile Hairdresser Image Consultant

Hi! I'm Jon-Paul - As a hair and image consultant to an elite dating service called "It's Just Coffee" that was bought out by "It's Just Lunch", I have worked with many men and women who needed an update in order to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

* If you have had the same haircut since Highschool, that's in indicator it's time for a new look!
* If you haven't had any compliments lately, maybe it's time for a new color!
* Have you recently gotten a divorce and are now in the dating scene/game? Call me!

I also have a team that can help you with your online dating profile / proper etiquette as well as a personal shopper / wardrobe assistant that will help you choose the right outfits. Also on request, I have a MAC makeup artist that I work with as well,

Call Mon-Sat 9am-12am to schedule an appointment. Men or Women Cuts and Color! At your home or office for your convenience at your convenience!