Is your dryer taking longer to dry your clothes? It's Clogged up! Call Vent-tastic!

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Vent-tastic is a locally owned/operated small business that takes pride in providing the community with dryer vent duct cleaning services. Unlike our competitors we are a small bushiness, and we take pride in every job that we do and provide the customer by educating them on the benefits of getting their dryer vent duct cleaned on yearly basis.

Our service includes a FREE before and after video inspection of the dryer vent duct to show our clients what the vent looks like before we service it and after our cleaning. Along with our video inspection, we provide you with the air flow metrics of your dryer and dryer vent before and after the cleaning to show you the increase in efficiency your dryer will have.

Benefits of having a professional clean your dryer vent:
-Prevent a dryer fire from arising in your home
-Dry your clothes quicker
-Saving you money on your utility bill . (having your dryer vent cleaned pays for itself in energy savings)
-Is Eco-friendly since you are using the least amount of energy it takes your dryer to perform
-Increases the life of your dryer

Call Vent-tastic today to get a FREE video inspection to see if its time to get your dryer vent cleaned and an estimate over the phone!! (estimates are based on the amount of feet your duct is)

We provide services to Rocklin, Roseville, Orangeville, Lincoln, Auburn, Newcastle, Folsom, Citrus Heights, and Loomis.

Bonded /Insured /Licensed!