• Car Wash $50.00

Mobile interior auto detailing service. We'll come to your work or home at your convenience. Our interior detailing service includes; vacuuming carpet & upholstery along with upholstery & carpet cleaning, clean & shine dashboard and all other hard surfaces, streak free glass cleaning with Rain-X treatment on windshield, tire & rim clean & shine, your choice of scent for disinfectant Febreeze, & your choice of complimentary air freshener.

Any size car or pick-up truck (Cab Only) interior detailing is $50.00 and any size SUV is $65.00.
We also have some optional services for a minimal price including long term Rain-X treatment added to your windshield wiper fluid additional $10.00 as well as headlight & brake light restoration additional $15.00.

Premium Package includes ALL services car or pick-up truck (Cab Only) $65.00 and SUV $80.00.

All services are done in a timely fashion. Any additional time needed will NEVER be any extra COST to you. Do you have a large Luxurious RV? No problem! We offer only the Premium Package for $200.00, that includes ANY size RV & the detail will consist of all services we provide for cars, trucks, and SUVs but will also include basic household 'chores' such as cleaning the kitchen, bedroom, & bathroom.

Trying to get your boat out for the summer? Let us get it clean and shining for you, Premium Package for your boat is $100.00 which will consist of upholstery vacuuming and cleaning as well as shining all dashboard surfaces & seat cushions with waterproofing compound and streak free glass.

All services are performed by Joshua Cameron & Jeremy Applegate. Two brothers with a combined experience of 25 years working inside and outside of vehicles, both mechanically and cosmetically. Along with our extensive & positive customer satisfaction history, our work is guaranteed to take your breath away and make you believe you have a brand new vehicle.

Any Size Car = $50.00
Any Size Truck = $50.00.
(Cab Only)
Any Size SUV = $65.00
Any Size RV = $200.00
Any Size Boat = $100.00
Premium Car = $65.00
Premium Truck = $65.00 (Cab Only)
Premium SUV = $80.00