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High Quality - Competitively Priced - Ready FAST. Solid 5/8" plywood cabinet boxes - absolutely no particle board. Stained and painted finishes, Dovetailed hardwood drawers. Go ahead and get a quote from one of the big box stores or any other cabinet dealer.

Ask them about their warranty. . they have an industry leading lifetime warranty? Our cabinets do!
Our cabinetry is made better and priced Competitively.............period.

"In order to keep pricing affordable, we don't carry hundreds of styles, we focus on a very nice selection of carefully selected styles. We have surrounded ourselves with very talented designers with a keen eye for current and timeless styling. That's one of the areas where we stand out from other cabinet companies. Solid construction is a major point of pride at Specialty Countertops and Cabinets.

"At this price point you will generally find cabinets made of particleboard with a lot of glue and a lot of staples. "Ours are constructed with solid wood, like the Amish would make them. They are some of the most robustly constructed cabinets you will find anywhere. "Our doors and drawer heads--the most visible part of the cabinet--are made from Grade A North American Maple".

"Wood expands and contracts in response to its surroundings, like humidity in the summer and dry air in the winter. Low quality wood is subject to popping and cracking." Our boxes and shelving in are made with thick, furniture-grade, high-density plywood. Other cabinets use cheap, thin plywood put together with fragile clips, while some companies use particleboard with glue and staples to save money. "We're dedicated to creating a kitchen that fits your lifestyle," Try getting that from someone at your local big box store. "We're not working in the garden department one day and designing your kitchen the next. We are committed to providing the type of design you didn't think was possible at this price point." "You simply can't get this type of service when ordering online from a dot com retailer.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling Packages Including Cabinetry, Cabinet Hardware, Granite Countertops and Installation $5,500.00, $6,500.00 and $7,500 (10' x 10' as shown in rendering, granite as shown, does not include demolition, plumbing, electrical or appliances)

2100 North Hamilton Street
Richmond, Virginia 23230

Monday-Friday 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM, (evenings and Saturday by appointment)