Landscaping arborvitae and planting specials!!

  • Landscaping $129.00

Special Planting Sale ...Don't miss out!! FIVE FOOT EVERGREEN TREE INSTALLMENT PRICE WOW!!! WOW!! WOW!!! HURRY!

Hurry and call Today for a Great look on arborvitaes WOW 5 ft installed $ 129 each . make an excellent fence and border!! These dont come in little buckets they re 5 FT TALL and in cages make your great look today!! instant natural fence in one day!

They are NOT from the Big retail chains.. these are straight from the grower A FIVE FOOT TREE Gurenteed for one year after installment...or we will replace for free !!! remember last winter was bad.. so thats a great deal if something happens over the winter your covered!

Thank you and have a Great day!! Rick