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We tutor students of all ages, K to College, in all Core Subjects -- English, Reading, Mathematics, Science and History -- as well as effective Study Skills, Foreign Languages, Standardized Test Prep, Assessment Testing such as ACT and SAT and Graduate Exams such as: MCAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, etc...

theTutorGenius specializes in expert, individualized, tutoring sessions in the privacy of your home - the best method for improving successful comprehension of subject matter and improvement of grades.

Good academic tutoring sets your child up to succeed, not only in the subjects being tutored, but in all other academic areas as well. We at theTutorGenius have the most talented and exceptional tutors to provide a personalized tutoring program for students of all ages and skill levels in all primary academic subject areas.

Our Mission is to educate and motivate students to 'Achieve Excel and Succeed' in their pursuit of higher education. theTutorGenius...Where Knowledge is Endless!