Laptop and Desktop Virus Removal. 39.99 SPECIAL

  • Virus Removal $40.00


Is your computer running slow??
Is it giving you errors/problems??
Does it not boot up anymore??
Is it not running as fast or as well as it used to??
Do you believe your computer may be infected with a Virus??
I know exactly what to do.

Call & tell me your problem!
I am a Computer Technician Store Manager.
I work at an actual Computer Repair Center so I have a lot of experience.
I would be happy to visit your home/office and assist you with your computer needs...Same Day Mobile Service... or you can drop off then pick up the next day, simple as that.

Laptops or Desktops, All PC Brands.
I can optimize/enhance any computer, increasing the speed & performance from 50% up-to 200% !!
Same Day Mobile Service. Call us for your problem anytime
Highest Rated Anti-Virus software installed for free.