Lawn Mowing Richmond/Lexington area. Free low estimates!

  • Lawn Care $20.00

Small friendly lawn mowing service owned by two retired police officers. Our work is 2nd to none and we offer everything the big lawn companies can't which are the same two trustworthy faces every week.

LOW ESTIMATES starting as low as $20 (no job is too small), a routine you can count on 7 up to 10 days (plus, we mow when your lawn needs it. We don't waste your money by mowing a lawn that doesn't need mowing just so we can make money). We are very dependable and will be there when you need us.

Call me (Derrick) anytime and it will be my pleasure to set up a free estimate for you. The estimate can be done when you are at home or I can leave the estimate hanging on your front door. That is the great thing about our small service, no pressure or trying to sell you things. We mow, trim and blow off clippings. Other than a awesome looking mowed lawn, you won't even know we were there.