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My name is Ivan, I have worked in Atlanta as a guitarist over the past fifteen years (Localuna, Anis, Eclipse di Luna, Pampas, East Andrews, The Grape, Rio Grande, Sala, Apres Diem, Pricci, Fuego, Ritz-Carlton. . .. . .) performing a wide range of genres (Jazz, Latin, Bossa, Rumba/Nuevo Flamenco, Rock, Blues.) I have taught total beginners, children, and intermediate players.

I can teach you how to play your favorite songs, to compose your own and how to improve your performing, composing, and improvisation skills on different styles.

Also available a HQ recording studio to record your work, your improvements, produce your music, and learn how to arrange and to use all the tools that will allow you to produce music at home.

Affordable rates, and the first lesson is free.
You can call me to schedule your free first lesson.
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