Licensed Electrician - JUNE SPECIAL: Your New Home Wired for $2000 Labor

  • Electrician $2000.00

Reasonably priced licensed electrician for wiring new homes or rewiring older homes. JUNE SPECIAL: $2000 labor price for wiring a house up to 2000 square feet. $1500 for 1500 square feet, etc. Price is for labor only and doesn't include permits, supplies and other hard costs.

Price is for normal construction: one AC unit, one range, one clothes dryer and no hot tubs. Rewired homes will be approximately double that. Please contact me for larger jobs from new additions and up to whole homes. I also have experience in other areas of construction and remodeling. I have been working on and building homes since 1986. Odds are, if you need advice then I can provide some assistance.

Licensed and insured, Michael Knudstrup LLC