Life is busy ... why stress about cleaning your home???

  • Housekeeping $25.00

Just to busy? Kids I understand.... Let me help .
No worries, I will take care of it so you can take care of what matters.
Trust worthy, respectful, reliable, pay attention to detail .
I would be cleaning your home myself so I know its up to my clean standers.
A clean home is a happy home, a happy home is a happy you !!!!!

Laundry ..dishes. ..vacuuming...sweeping. ...scrubbing ....organization.. .washing the inside/outside of cupboards..removing scuffs off walls/doors. Garage cleaning/organization ,refrigerator.

I charge $25.00 hr.I am worth it !
Of course I come along with referances.
Call me today to set up an appointment, appt spots are filling up fast. I also do late night to work around your schedule!

Looking forward to see you sparkle .
I am a professional Serving the twin cities.