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We specialize in live removal and relocation of bees. In addition to bee removal Africanized bees, ,wasps, hornets, yellow jackets as well as bee hive and honey removal.

Many citizens fear the presence of beehives near their homes and businesses. We understands these concerns, but also wishes to emphasize the importance that honeybees play in keeping our environment in balance. Honeybee pollination ensures us of an abundance of produce and feed for animals, etc. Our quest is to remove wild bees from areas of concern and to encourage best management practices to protect both humans and bees.

Call busy bee removal to get rid of your buzz!

Bee & Wasp Issues---
Attic Bee Removal
Bee Removal & Exclusion
Bee Removal in floors
Bee Removal in Furniture
High-Rise Bee Removal
Bee Swarm on Bush
Bee Swarm on Car
Bee Swarm on Structure
Bee Swarm Behavior
Bird House Bee Removal
Block Wall Eradication
Electric Meter Removal
Honeybees on Boat
Bee Swarm on Boat
Bumblebee Removal
Carpenter Bee Removal
Bee Removal Ceiling
Chimney Bee Removal
Container Bee Removal
Bees in Dog House
Bees in Cable Box
Bees in Pipes
Bee Colony on Tree Limb ...